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Shirley Mulrooney passed away from liver cancer March 5th 2013 at 9:32am. The liver cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, bones and brain. The bone cancer became so painful that the weight of a sheet across her legs was unbearable. She was the sweetest and kindest person you could ever meet. She now rests in St. Paul cemetery in Louisville KY, cancer free.

Shirley grew up in a small home in Louisville KY and went to St. Paul Elementary school and PRP High School. She was loved by all and had many friends over her short life. She went to church every single Sunday that we can remember and felt guilty if she skipped a day. If someone was sick, she was always there to cook a meal or run to the store to pick up groceries or medicine for the person in need. She was a giving, yet simple person who never really cared about material things. She had a soft heart for kids and loved when the grand kids would come to visit. They referred to her as Memaw. When she died the funeral director said he had never seen so many people attend a funeral service for someone unknown in the public eye.  Mom was unknown to the general public but her soft heart touched so many people in the area.


Shirley had said that if she could do anything before she died, she would love to see the ocean. In 2015 my friend was in Panama City Beach on the pier and noticed some benches with people’s names on them. He researched and found out that you could pay to have a bench. We posted on Facebook what we wanted to do and people began donating to make this happen. We raised the money to have a bench in 3 days and now my mom can see the ocean anytime she wants.

Our mission at Shirley’s Way is to be an extension of the household income and help local families as they battle the financial side of cancer.

Shirley’s Way hosts several events a year and the money raised goes back to cancer patients who are in need of financial assistance. The money helps pay:

• Prescription Co-pays          • House Payments

• Prepay for Surgeries           • Car Payments

• Utility Bills                            • Rent

• And maybe even a little fun to get a person’s mind off cancer

We also receive donations of tickets to local events that we pass on to our patients. If you have access to tickets for sporting events, concerts, plays, etc., send them to us and we will put a smile on a cancer patients face for an evening.


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Mike currently works at Brown-Forman in Louisville KY as an IT Specialist, and is also a Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur. He is a HUGE KISS fan and often dresses as Gene Simmons to help promote the cause. His love of KISS is not only for their music but for their drive and “Never Give Up” attitude Never give up is a wonderful message for those fighting for their lives against Cancer. He graduated from the  University of Louisville with a Bachelor’s in Business Management. He currently resides in Louisville with his wife and 3 kids.

Mary Lou Rippy – Dixie Florist (in memory)

Wes Faust – Retriever Consulting

Mindy Aschbacher

Tracy French Monks – American Heart Association

Frankie Story – American Home Mortgage

Robin Allen Thompson – Ky Farm Bureau

Wendy McLennan Barker – OB&E Rubber Equipment

Randy Napier – US Army (in memory)

Todd Render – JP Pirtle Real Estate

Shane O’Keefe – WeCare Health and Medicare Solutions



We try to raise as much money as possible to be able to help as many people as possible get through the financially straining time while undergoing cancer treatment. Our goal is to give away $1,000,000 by 2023, the 10 year anniversary of Shirley's passing.